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10 Sep 2008

A few Reconstruction episodes ago, I wrote a short progression and played it on a Mellotron sampler (Think of the flute sound in Strawberry Fields Forever.) 

The progression wasn't set to a particular Recon scene; it was more one of those "throw some paint at the canvas and see what sticks." Sometimes, those little audio sketches "click" with Burnie's idea for a future scene and get further developed.

In this case, the progression was too bare and too boring to even show it to him, and a couple of days ago, it felt right to add a little Spanish-type guitar thing to it with the Telecaster, making it definitely unusable for Red vs Blue or Reconstruction.

Weird little Spanish doodle thing mp3

P.S. Sorry Luke, I'm totally ripping off your awesome "Today's Doodle," except in this case it's "This year's doodle."

Posted by: nico