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27 Jun 2012

Preview #2. Two songs this time.

Best Girl is a new song.

The other clip, Noobs Rush In, is shorter (and is the shortest song on the album.) It's from an old piece that was written for my 2nd most favorite Red vs Blue episode of all time, S3:E39. (It also appeared in the historic S3:E49, and a couple of subsequent episodes.)

Even watching 39 again just now, I nearly spilled my coffee all over my keyboard.

The inspiration for Noobs Rush In came from playing quite a bit of Myth back in the day. The classic maneuver of inexperienced players when faced with an enemy in PvP was to "throw everything in the battle," which invariably resulted in massive casualties for that player, hence the term noob rushing. (I did this a lot.)

It was supposed to be on Ghosts That Linger, our 2nd album, but it wasn't until recently that I was able to locate the old multi-track project and make the little tune fit for release

Posted by: nico