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13 Jan 2013

To Kickstart or not, that is the question

How do you feel about bands who use Kickstarter? If you like KS for bands, what kinds of rewards do you think are cool, creative, or worth your money?

I've had conversations about KS with several knowledgeable people. My view about KS is not so much that it approaches begging, but it is far away enough from busking that I am uncomfortable with it. We're musicians, we create product, you should be able to check out the product before you pay for it, no?

On the other hand, our finances aren't great, and my mother, who saw German soldiers invade her small town in France and who grew up in poverty and hunger, would probably say to me "Nicolas, if it's a legitimate source of income to do what you love, get off your high horse and do it, the fact that you're not doing it proves you're not hungry enough."

(Well, she'd be saying that in French, but you get the idea.)

Posted by: nico