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28 Jan 2014

I'm excited to announce the availability of Trocadero's new release When We're Together, which celebrates the band's 15th anniversary and a decade of collaboration with Rooster Teeth.

This CD/DVD combo contains the entire concert we performed at RTX 2012 in both audio (CD) and video (DVD), with a setlist going as far back as Vale Deah (RvB01 end credits) to Bolt (RT 10-year retrospective video.)

In addition to the live songs, the CD contains four bonus studio tracks:  Carolina in the Morning from RvB10:E11, Contact from RvB11, and instrumental versions of Colors and Good Fight.

We sweetened the DVD with additional live footage from our first show and other concerts, interviews by Burnie and Matt, and a 10-minute Story of Trocadero video narrated by the handsome Miles Luna.

When We're Together is a CD/DVD combo and is available at the Rooster Teeth Store here --  mp3 downloads are available here

You can preview all tracks by going here

Posted by: nico