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213 girls talk too much
And 212 boys not enough
312s are very bold
Man 206 gets way too cold
Doing shots I'm all alone
I slur my words after the tone

And I drink and I call...

I can't stand to be alone...
Save me on the telephone.

419s they hate the phone
And 208s are never home
And all my lovers they have voice mail
They call me back, they give me hell!

And I drink and I call...

I've dialed the numbers, dialed them all
But nothing beats, a local call

617 boys, hmm, 617 girls, hmm
617 boys, hmm, 617 girls, hmm

This song is from the album Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.

It's kind of a Boston hurrah type of song. Not really about booty calls, but more about leafing through your address book while doing shots. Dated, since no one has address books anymore, not ones made of paper anyway. Don't get too attached to the keyboard solo -- a different one is played at each performance. You can hear a bit of (517) in that old RvB episode where, uh, the puma tries to kill sarge.


Nico Audy-Rowland: Danelectro baritone guitar, Vocals
Wendy Mittelstadt: Moog Opus 3, Casiotone CT-380, Vocals
Brandon Erdos: Drums