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Half Life
In love, in need, in want, in miss
I taste your bite, I taste your kiss
And I think back, the things you said
They make me mad, a bull to red

And I wonder where you are
And I wonder what you wore
And I'm lost inside a bar
And I'm drunk inside a war...

Drinking Martinis by myself
On a Sunday
Drinking Martinis again
On a Monday

It's a half life...

I buy your brand, I smoke your brand
I count the what ifs on one hand...

Drinking Martinis alone
Sunday morning
Drinking Martinis again
Sunday evening
Half Life

This song is from the album You Were There.

Nico: they say it's easy to write about it if you've lived it. I guess that's true. This tune has two things which save it from being a complete YAID (Yet Another Indie Dirge): Wendy's awesome string arrangement, and, to use the words of mastering engineer Mark Donahue: "the loudest twenty seconds I've mastered this year."


Nico Audy-Rowland: Danelectro baritone guitar, Vocals
Wendy Mittelstadt: Moog Opus 3, Strings, Vocals
Brandon Erdos: Drums
Karen Langlie: Strings