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So Good
Ooh, baby you're so good
Ooh, baby you're so good

I've been waiting all night, baby just to talk to you
I've been dying all night, baby just to be with you

Ooh, baby you look good
Ooh, baby you smell good

I've been wanting you all night but I just can't have you yet
I've been wanting you so bad like a late night cigarette

Are you ready
Are you set?
Let's go
So Good

This song is from the album When We're Together.

This is an old Trocadero song that we put on the setlist for variety. Brandon Farmahini, who not only produced the videos but also did the lion's share of video editing, had the cool idea to switch to black and white until the "Home" resolution, where it goes back to color.

For the studio version of this song, please go here


Nico Audy-Rowland: Vocals, Danelectro baritone guitar
Brandon Erdos: Drums, Percussion
Martha Marin: Vocals, Epiphone slide guitar