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This is an instrumental

This song is from the album Red vs. Blue Season 13 Soundtrack.

From RVB13E20. Nico: this is an old tune which went through a few iterations before it was submitted to Rooster Teeth as a demo during RvB Season 6 production, and it ended up being used for DVD S6 end credits, and another version was also used in RVB10E20. It never went beyond demo status and was never released. I forget what it was called back then, probably something like NewTune.wav. A rip from the DVD was uploaded to a YouTube channel, and since the uploader, Matthew Dratt, had no title for it, he called it Preparation, and that became the name of the song.

It's a nice tune with good energy but I've never liked how boxy it sounded, no matter what I did to it. I sent the stems to David, and he added some Taikos and better strings, but more importantly, his mix gave the song new life - wider and more open, night and day really, so we're calling that one Reparation. If there's enough interest, we'll someday release Preparation.