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Best Girl
Elle etait plus que parfaite mais je l'aimais a l'imparfait
Nous parlions du futur avec nos prenoms composes
J'ai compose un temps pour que l'on se refugiasse
Mais j'suis pas tres literaire sans une batterie et une basse

I call for your help, like a 911
You pick up the phone, and you say hang on
Then you throw the phone, in the air
And you run

You are like pure speed meta, amphetamine
Your goddess turns water into, gasoline
You're a mona lisa or a venus, in furs
A superhero knight, in shiny metal spurs
You're the best girl, the best girl

Angle on your back, as you run to me
Cool under the crush
You're as cool can be
Then you throw the phone, in the air
And you run

You're the best girl
When everything you say
And everything you do is so kind
You're the best girl,
You always got my back,
Making sure my stars are always aligned
Best Girl

This song is from the album Flying By Wire.

This song is an example of the profound influence that a drummer can have on the final feel of a song, and Steve absolutely outdid himself on this one, both playing the sexy Bossa Nova verse and rocking chorus drums, but also mixing and producing a song which, in typical Trocadero fashion, has sections coming from very different styles.


Nico Audy-Rowland: Danelectro baritone guitar, Vocals
Violet Heart: Wurlitzer EP200, Moog Opus 3, Vocals
Steve Scully: Drums