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All As One
With my games, and your games
And the rules we hate the same
And my breath, and your breath
As I hear you call my name

Like two parts, face to face
And the whole, falls into place
All as one...

With my dad, and your dad
And the gin, they never had
And my rules, and your rules
And your heart, and mine it cools
Beating hard...

Follow the truth, follow the lies
Nobody wins, everything dies...

With your art, and my art
To instigate, a change of heart
And your heart, and your mind
And your body, next to mine
All As One

This song is from the album Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.

Nico: Susan and I used to really get into the X Files (we started around seaon 3.) The tension and chemisty between the two protagonists was just so tangible... the piano theme at the beginning was played on a Casiotone -- I swear it beats a 9 1/2 foot Steinway in this context.


Nico Audy-Rowland: Danelectro baritone guitar, Vocals
Wendy Mittelstadt: Moog Opus 3, Casiotone CT-380, Vocals
Brandon Erdos: Drums, Moog Taurus I